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It is a drab-looking two-storey building covered in beige siding that very few Sudburians will ever see inside.

But the biosolids plant off Kelly Lake Road is the biggest city project in recent years, coming with a $63 million price tag.

It’s a sharp contrast to the multi-million dollar “major projects” the current city council is planning, including a new arena and art gallery, or the “legacy projects” voted on in 2008 that would have seen a multi-sport recreational complex and an arts centre built.

The plant is essential infrastructure for the city, which was forced in 2015 by Vale to stop dumping partially treated sewage on the company’s tailings in Lively, as it had for decades.

Since it’s the city’s first attempt at a public-private partnership — or P3 — some see it as a test case for some other glitzier projects, particularly a new arena.

“It’s been two years. I think if things didn’t go well, people would have heard about them, right?” said city engineer Akli Ben-Anteur.

He said he regularly gets calls from other cities and towns curious about how the city’s partnership with Walker Environmental is working out.

“It’s complex and you need to know your stuff … P3s are different from one industry to the other,” Ben-Anteur said.

Phosporus Upgrades Project 1

Phosporus Upgrades Project

Phosphorus Removal Upgrades All photos by RAI Inspections and Contract Administration     Bottom Layer of Rebar at East Containment Area- Photo by Adrian Ionita Bermingham Driving Sheet Piles for the Seawall Tunnel- RAI...



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