About me Radu Ionita

Radu has over 15 years of experience as a senior construction manager with overall responsibility for all site administration of the contract and construction field inspection. He is experienced in construction management during and the mitigation of construction-related impacts. Radu has also a thorough knowledge of site supervision and project management gained from direct site inspections involvement in numerous waste water facilities, sewer and road contracts with various municipalities.

His large construction administration experience was acquired from working in both the consulting industry and the private and public service. Radu’s hands-on municipal experience and vast knowledge of road and sewer/water improvements in built-up areas from a public agency’s perspective is a valuable asset on all his projects. His ability to develop and recommend unique solutions to engineering problems mainly related to related to civil works and building services is an asset in any project.

Radu demonstrates a strong understanding of all construction practices, regulatory compliance, working in particular within specifications of Ontario Building Code, Ontario Provincial Standards, applicable CSA, ESA, ACI Concrete Standards, Clean Water Act, TSSA, Ministry of Labour Regulations for construction projects. He is also Fluent in English, French, Italian, and Romanian. In addition to the above Radu has:

  • Solved various civil and structural site issues, related to unplanned design oversights and provided technical advice and integration management of solution mitigating the project cost and schedule impacts on behalf of the consultant.
  • Minimized project risk by recording inspections and any relevant check sheets as per the Quality Management Plan and collaborated with the General Contractor to maintain the project schedule while resolving any quality control issues on site.
  • Evaluated CCTV inspection reports to check the condition of pipes and verify proper cleaning and preparation of pipes for CIPP.
  • Followed through with tests to ensure the integrity of the CIPP upon completion of linear installation
  • Requested Infrared Spectroscopy (IR) scans to test and measure the flexibility (Flexural Modulus) strength of the CIPP.
  • Helped to save time, cost and energy by recommending the use of air-steam cured liners for smaller diameter pipe installs as appropriate.
  • Acted as a technical specialist and the consultant ambassador at project progress meetings with the client, administrators, general contractors and other external service providers assuring the client’s needs are identified, monitored and addressed in a timely manner.
  • Examined the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) process, including the staging areas on both sides of the planned crossing and provided recommendations regarding the issuing of supplementary details and instructions to clarify the intent of the design and managed the onsite Geotech inspector

During the course of his career, Radu has proven his project delivery and capital management abilities by successfully overseeing notable municipal and residential projects within the Ontario area. These projects include to mention a few Upgrades made to the ABTP Ferrous Chloride and RAS Chlorination system in Toronto, an upgrades project for the Humber SPS Pumping Station in the York region, the Victoria Feedermain Linear project in Peel, and a sidewalk and road rehabilitation project in Hamilton.


Excelled in the following areas as a Certified Engineering Technician (C.E.T.) and Project Manager:

  • Engineering Project Management: Spearheaded critical elements of multi-million-dollar engineering projects under design-build or CCDC2-2008 Stipulated Price Contracts with a consistent mandate to ensure and report on the quality and integrity of all deliverables toward clients including private companies, public institutions, and various municipalities.
  • Site Inspection & Contracts Administration: Provided on-site oversight of project-wide compliance with the strict terms of established contracts, ensuring due diligence and compliance across all plans, specifications, regulatory, legislative and environmental requirements during construction. Mitigated issues that could result in construction claims. Develop and issue key documents including RFI replies, RFQs, Site Instructions, and Change Directives.
  • Public & Stakeholder Engagement: Directly engaged contractors, consultants and the public as an on-site representative throughout the project life-cycle, with involvement in documenting all activities during water, wastewater, linear and discrete construction contracts.
  • Risk Management: Reviewed project plans and specifications, providing insight and comments on building design, scheduling, possible cost savings measures, and potential construction problems. Managed weekly reviews and comments of the project schedules mitigating construction schedule delays.


  • Crisis Management & Problem Solving: Initiated swift and effective response to emergency issues expressed by the client on site. Collaborate with key stakeholders to identify and resolve the root cause of complex issues, including contract administration, design oversight, construction methods, inspections, and occupational health and safety requirements. Knowledgeable with Stipulated Price Contracts, integrating the Specific Conditions of Contract and Policies for various GTA Regions and for City of Toronto, City of Hamilton, City of Greater Sudbury.
  • Flow of Communication: Served as a central point of contact for contractor teams, residents, government ministry/agency stakeholders, and other pertinent individuals related to facilities management. Communicated effectively both verbally and through formal documentation, and attend meetings with senior management and region officials 


  • Facilities / Asset Management: Managed a portfolio of renovation and rehabilitation projects for a portfolio of over 400 high-rise and low-rise properties, and ensured all scheduled maintenance tasks met Facilities Management best practices, with minimal impact to the residents.
  • Planning & Adaptability: Created and maintained flexible yet sustainable annual project schedules for the completion of mandated facilities management objectives. Adapted to unforeseen changes in scope, circumstance or cost.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure all project teams adhere to strict Health and Safety legislation and policy, and maintain continuous accountability to the Ontario Building Code, Ontario Fire Code, TSSA and other pertinent policies that govern highly regulated business sectors.
  • Project Coordination: Served as a central point of contact for contractor teams, residents, government ministry/agency stakeholders, and other pertinent individuals related to facilities management. Communicated effectively both verbally and through formal documentation, and attend meetings with senior management.
  • PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE: Formulated future-driven plans to prevent the need for crisis management, with success in upholding the safety of residences/facilities through carefully scheduled and cost-effective planning. Established a forward-thinking vision that enabled the highest possible standard of safety and quality.


  • Budget Planning: Managed a budget of over $63M for new residential facility construction, encompassing all aspects of the project life-cycle (human resources, materials, contracts).
  • Cost-Effectiveness & Efficiency: Optimized the use of budget and human resources to maximize the sustainable progress of project activity, manage costs, change orders and minimize cost footprint. Held a track record for achieving project goals within established budgets by exploring practical opportunities to streamline resource usage.

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